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Enclosure Etiquette
Do I need to use reception cards?
Reception cards are generally used only when the reception will be held at a different location than the ceremony. Otherwise, placing that additional information on the invitation will make the whole invitation appear "crowded".

If the reception is being held at the same location as the ceremony and you wish to include that information on your invitations, simply include the line "and at the reception afterwards" at the end of your invitation.

Is it proper to include response cards?
The answer to this question depends on whom you ask. Technically, guests should know to respond with a handwritten letter when the letters R.s.v.p. appear in the lower left hand corner of the invitation copy. Many brides, however, simply can't risk not having an accurate guest count and feel they must use response cards. As time goes by, response cards are becoming more and more the accepted means of securing the r.s.v.p. count. By all means, if you use them, make sure to include postage on the envelopes.

For those brides who feel uncomfortable using response cards but are concerned about receiving responses, you may consider sending informal cards with the words "The favour of a reply is requested" printed on the front. Your guests may then choose to use that card to hand-write a reply inside.

What is a "Save the Date" card?
A "Save the Date" card is a card on the same paper as your invitation ensemble which announces the date of your impending nuptials. They are used when you have many out-of-town guests that may need to be notified more in advance allowing them to make their travel plans, or when your wedding will fall on a holiday weekend to notify friends and family to reserve that date for your wedding. Suggested wording can be: Please save the date of/ Saturday, the Seventeenth of June/ Two Thousand/ for the wedding of Miss Jessica Marie Doe to Mr. Jonathan Allen Smith/Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Doe

You may want to include the city your wedding will be held in if different from your home city. This would be placed on the line between the groom's name and the parents' names.

How can we indicate where we are registered for gifts?
There is no proper way to include this information within your wedding invitations, as it appears presumptuous. The most proper way to get this information out to your guests is for your Bridal Shower hosts to include it in the bridal shower invitation and to ask your family members to share the information with guests if they ask prior to the wedding.

What are "Within the Ribbon" and "Pew" Cards?
For large weddings, you may wish to designate a special place for guests you want to be seated nearest to you. Ribbons or cords are placed over the ends of the first several pews to reserve those seats for those closest to you. You should include a "within the ribbon" card in these guest's invitation, to be presented to the ushers when they are seated.

Similarly, pew cards indicate the pew number the guests should be seated in. They are worded: Please present this card at/Saint John's Catholic Church/Saturday, the seventeenth of June/Pew number ______. You would then complete and enclose it within the invitation for the guests to give to the ushers on your wedding day.

How can we include a map or directions in our invitation?
You have carefully chosen your invitations and you should not ruin the look by including a photocopy of the directions or map. Inexpensive map and directions cards are available from the printers in paper to complement your invitation ensemble.
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