Party Planning with Pinterest – Video Version

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Blog post “Party Planning with Pinterest – Video Version” by Invitations4Less.

Party Planning with Pinterest – Video Version

Recently, we published a blog on Party Planning with Pinterest. Given the tremendous number of views we’re seeing in such a short time, we know we’ve piqued your interest. Also, here’s a video version making getting started with Pinterest even easier!

What is Pinterest?

Here’s a brief primer on the new site taking the Internet by storm. Pinterest’s been compared with pinboards seen on campuses and in social venues. Users pinning things of interest for themselves to keep track of and/or others to note. While pinboards may host anything from items for sale to announcements about events and gatherings, Pinterest is a visual version of this concept with primarily images and video postings to share.

Although it’s quickly becoming a household word, Pinterest is still in its relative infancy, having just debuted in Beta form in March 2010 and only gaining national exposure in August 2011 when Time Magazine included Pinterest on their “50 best websites of 2011” list. Now at over 11 million unique user accounts, Pinterest is the fastest website in history (as of the date of this blog publication) to break the 10 million unique visitors mark. And yet, Pinterest is still available to invited users only. (Don’t worry, we’ll be happy to issue an invitation for you – keep reading).

So, how will this help you plan your next event? If you’ve been scouring the Internet searching for ideas to fit your theme, then trying to keep track of all those URLs and pictures of what you’ve run across, Pinterest will take care of all that for you.

Now that you are ready to start planning your party on Pinterest, be sure to follow us for all the latest invitations and ideas. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!